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UPolo British Championships 2013/14 - Event Results

Mens UPolo Cup

Loughborough University Men were the winning men's side, clinching the Cup after a shock last-second goal to take the lead over Durham. More info here.

Ladies UPolo Cup

In a dramatic Finals win on penalties, Loughborough Ladies showed the same prowess as their male counterparts to become UPolo Ladies Championships 2013-14. More info here.

The first year both sides from the same University have won both Cups, Loughborough Uni can enjoy a well-earned year of smugness and pride until the 2015 Finals open the floor for new winners. The question is, can they do it again...?

Mens UPolo Shield

It was a closely fought battle between the Division 2 Men's sides, but South Wales Men fought hardest to be awarded the UPolo Shield. Quite a statement from the team who only joined the league the same year, and marking them as the side to watch in 2015. More info here.

Ladies UPolo Shield

Congratulations to Nottingham Uni Ladies who won their three matches to be crowned Shield winners 2013-14. We look forward to seeing this team in action in the coming 2014-15 league. More info here.